lundi 17 mars 2014

AirDuern - The Phoenix Rising (Out Now!)

"What does galaxy taste?... 
Did you ever lose an electron?... 
Can you hear colours?... 
What language synapses are speaking?..."

If you ever asked yourself these questions, I invite you to explore them with my new album:  The Phoenix Rising
Come and rediscover the "Hero in your heart"!

I'm very glad to share with you this new release on OxyDuern Netlabel.
For my second album, I wanted to place it under the sign of Hope. 

First title for track "The Phoenix Rising" was first "From ashes to hope". This idea is just right the intention filtering in this album, which finally gave me the idea for the phoenix. 
This legendary bird, oftenly presented as a threatening monster, also is the symbol of endlessly reborned hope. 

For musicians interested in, this album has been composed exclusively with free samples, free VSTi and free VST (excepted for the DAW). 

I'll post the synths and effects I used for each track. 

I want to adress a sincere and deep thanks to every developers and recorders who are sharing free materials with us. 
Every time I come to compose a new track, I always find something interesting to explore, to discover and to assembly together, thanks to you!  


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