I'm Adrien Duval, aka AirDuern.
I'm French, living in Paris, born near Paris, and music is one of greatest passion. 

I began to compose on Music and continued on Music2000 on Playstation. 
When I decided to begin music on computer, I've been shocked to observe how complexe and difficult it could be. It discouraged me for few years, so I learnt Digital Design on DeviantART through tutorials, artists advises and practicing. Started with The Gimp and then Inkscape (my favorite nowadays). Also did Acting for 8 years with 2 years of professional training and some Directing.
Then I started again DAW from zero, trying to forget nearly everything I learnt on Music2000. 

And after 6 years trying to control DAW, VST and VSTi, Samples and Samplers, etc, here I am: 
Hobbyist Designer, Composer, Producer.

For job, I'm an E-learning Specialist, a job as varied as my hobbies. :)

I opended a Netlabel for people like me who wants to share and protect the music they are doing for fun! 
I hope this label to become something more like a community, where you can get feedbacks from other hobbyists, get some skills and learn some others too. 

OxyDuern is not meant to become a great serious business, on the contrary. We are here for fun first and "have some oxygen" in our life and in yours too. :) So feel frre to visit us on BandCamp and our Blog and Facebook to follow our activity.

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